Operation36 Golf

We are happy to announce that Lakeview Golf Course is a Certified Operation36 Facility with a Top 50 Coach awarded in 2023!

Contact your preferred instructor today to arrange your 8-week private lesson package using the Operation36 curriculum. You will receive a private lesson each week, 4 on-course play days and access to the Op36 app to help you track your progress.

Your 8-week private lesson is just $600 per adult.

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SuperSpeed Golf

Super Speed is available to all golfers of all ability levels.  Not only will it help increase your clubhead speed and distance, it will increase your core strength, your mobility and movement!  You will get in a great workout as well.
Speed training can be done indoors or outdoors, individually, as a couple or with a small group. Call Pete or Ryan at (208) 888-4080 to arrange your private or small group session today!

Why should you speed train?

  • SuperSpeed uses overspeed training to increase club head speed and gain distance.
  • Used by more than 700 tour pros worldwide, SuperSpeed Golf if the #1 overspeed training aid in the world.
  • Participants in our SuperSpeed programs average a 5% gain in driver club speed in 6 weeks.
  • 5% equates to about 10 more yards of distance!
  • Every mile per hour gained equates to about 2.3 more yards of distance.
  • The farther you hit the drive, the closer you come to hitting a green in regulation.

Increase Your Speed! Increase Your Distance!

SuperSpeed Results

Check out one of our amazing golfer’s recent success after using the SuperSpeed system.

Let us know when you’re ready to try it for yourself!