9-Hole Friday Night Couples Chapman

Couples Chapman Rules and Information

Entry Fees: $30 per team, green fees and carts not included. 100% payout.

Tees: Men play from the White. Ladies and Men over 75 or rule of 85 play from the Red.

Handicap – At least one player on the team needs to have an active GHIN.* To start the season we will have the teams start at 60-40, 40% high HC and 60% low HC for team HC. After the first four weeks (2 rounds on the front and two rounds on the back) we will have a baseline to use for league-based HC. Starting week 5 the HC will be based on the previous two scores from the front.

How the league-based HC works – We will only raise an HC a Max of 1 stroke per week, but the HC can lower more than 1 stroke per week. 1 stroke over the team HC = .5 strokes off HC. There is a 1 stroke variance, meaning the first stroke up or down doesn’t count towards changing the overall HC.

For example – if a team has a 40 HC and shoots a 43 (3 over) the next week HC will be 41. First stroke cleared, 2 strokes at .5 each equals 1 up. Now if that same team with a 40HC shoots a 47, they still only get the 1 stroke based on the 1 stroke max for raising HC.

Now if a 40 HC shoots a 36, 1 stroke clear, so 3 stroke x .5 would drop the HC to 38.5 for the next round of front/back. These are based on 9 hole scores on either the front or back and each will be treated as different totals.

*The second player doesn’t need to have an active GHIN if they’re a child, or if they have had an active handicap within the last 12 months. This is possible because it’s a league-based handicap.


Mar 18 2022


3:30 pm