Friday Couple’s Chapman

Welcome to the Friday Couple’s Chapman 2024

Tee Times Start at 4:33 and go to 5:36pm

$30 entry fee paid cash day of event
All players must go online and register for each event, spots are limited.
We currently have around 80 returning players on the list of participants. Please check to see if you are listed on the roster before submitting a new registration. If you need to edit your registration, select “Edit Registration” after clicking the link below. Thank you!

Men play from white tees
Ladies play from red tees

Lakeview Golf Course Couple’s Chapman Rules

Two person teams play the Game under the 2024 USGA Rules of Golf. Tournament procedure is as follows:

  • Each player tees off
  • Each player then plays their partner’s ball for the second shot
  • The team then chooses which of the two balls is in the best position
  • The chosen ball is then played alternately until holed.
  • The Ball selected is hit by the alternate person.
  • No player may hit the same ball twice in a row on the same hole
  • Par 3’s play as normal

Breach of rule: 2 stroke penalty for the team

The Rules Committee: Ryan Roberts, PGA, Pete Burton, PGA

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Jun 28 2024


4:30 pm

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Register Online
Register Online