Junior Club Championship

Junior Championship is coming up in August!

August 12th • $11 Entry Fee
(there will be no late registrations and no exceptions to eligibility requirements). 

Boys/Girls Ages 8-9: will play 4 holes from 100 to 150 yards out

Boys/Girls Ages 10-11: will play 9 holes from 150 to 175 yards out

Boys/Girls Ages 12-13: will play 9 holes from 175 to 200 yards out

Girls 14-17: will play 9 holes from the forward tees

Boys 14-17: will play 9 holes from the white tees


Must be able to play all 9 holes and push/carry their own bag.

Must have participated in one of the following:

-2023 Operation 36 Lakeview Golf Academy

-2023 Lakeview Lakers PGA Junior League 13U or 17U

-2023 PGA Summer Camp

-2023 Parks and Recreation Golf Classes


Aug 12 2023


12:00 pm - 6:00 pm