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Todd Loveland
Assistant Golf Professional

Todd has been teaching golf for over 7 years. Starting at age 3 and progressing through junior golf, high school, and college golf.  Growing up Todd played baseball, basketball, football, and ski raced.

Todd started TGA of Boise which specializes in junior golf camps, leagues, clinics, and after-school enrichment classes at local schools.  He is also the head boys golf coach at Bishop Kelly High School.  Todd has been the assistant professional at Lakeview since December 2019.

He believes in the incorporation of other sports into learning the game combined with a strong mental approach.  Often times what we are comfortable and good at in other sports will translate to success on the golf course.  Through reading hundreds of sports psychology books Todd is a firm believer in a solid pre-shot routine and visualization of the golf shot. Todd offers private or group instruction for Adults and Juniors, pricing provided below. To book a private or group lesson, contact at 208-761-4944 or via email at

PGA Associate Adult Lesson Rates

One Adult

1 Hour


Two Adults

1 Hour

$40 Each

Three+ Adults

1 Hour

$30 Each

PGA Associate Junior Lesson Rates

One Junior

45 Minutes


Two Juniors

1 Hour

$45 Each

Three+ Juniors

1 Hour

$30 Each