Lakeview Bar and Grill has an enticing lineup for this weeks specials.

MONDAY PASTA NIGHT: Beef Stroganoff with garlic bread and salad.
– after 11pm.

TUESDAY: 2 Chicken Enchiladas $3.

WEDNESDAY: Bacon & Blue Burger, Served with choice of side or add bacon & blue to your sliders.

THURSDAY: Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich with Choice of side. A grilled chicken breast with teriyaki glaze topped with grilled pineapple and and Swiss cheese.

FRIDAY PRIME RIB: Prime Rib Dinner or Catch of the Day.  Teriyaki glazed salmon served with rice and vegetables. Breakfast: French toast with eggs and bacon.

SATURDAY PRIME RIB: Prime Rib Dinner served with baked potato, vegetable, and salad. Breakfast: Biscuits and gravy served with eggs and bacon, sausage or ham.

Sunday Dinner: Grilled Pork Chops with apples served with noodles vegetable and salad.

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